Tips to Improve Your Photography Skills

Photography Skills

Here’s a fact: many of us can be amazing photographers. With the innovation and ubiquitousness of digital cameras, many people have the necessary tools to capture great images. That implies that accessibility isn’t the issue. The issue is, so many people will tell you that you have the ability to take great … Read more

7 Pro Tips for Traveling Photographers

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You arrive home after a month-long trip and realize that out of 50+ images you captured (you thought you’ve done a great job), you’re only able to really use a couple of shots. Yes, we’ve all been there. The reality is, it takes more than having an eye for great imagery and … Read more

Top 6 DSLRs for Indoors

Photography starts with a simple camera but the true photographic experience comes with a DSLR camera. In order to get the best pictures and videos possible, you need a camera that can help you in almost all aspects of photography. A DSLR camera is a Digital Single Lens Reflector camera that is … Read more

How to do Online Promotion of Your Photography Website

Just like craftsmen have to display and show their work to the people so they will know more about their style and work, the same goes for a photographer. A photographer also needs to display his portfolio publicly for the people to see his style and approach. A website is a great … Read more