Choosing Which Portable Lights for Photography

Portable Lights for Photography

If you wish to get studio-style lighting without being restricted by electrified shooting locations, your best bet is to use professional and high-quality lighting that you bring anywhere in the world. From LEDs to monolights, pack-and-head strobe systems, and speedlights, all these portable lighting options are your best bet, be it for … Read more

Benefits of Using a Light Diffuser

Benefits of Using a Light Diffuser

Have you ever wondered why photographs taken at studios are almost always admirable and appear in the best light? The answer is quite simple – diffused light. It’s basically light that becomes filtered by something else, like sunlight filtered by your window blinds or curtains, bare bulb light softened and scattered by … Read more

Top Reasons to Use a Havox Light Box

Top Reasons to Use a Havox Light Box

If you want to take your commercial or product photography game to the next level, having a lightbox can do wonders for you. A light box acts like a mini stage where you can shoot high-quality, professional-looking photos of small subjects, ranging from food to jewelry, cosmetics, and electronics. Acknowledging the crucial … Read more

Best Photography Styles You Should Master

Photographer holding DSLR Camera

When people start photography as their career, they specialize in one or two different types of photography. They experiment with different styles of photography that help them to improve and broaden their skills. It means that when they improve in one area, they will be able to learn valuable lessons and techniques. … Read more

Tips For Taking Perfect Mirror Selfies

Girl taking a mirror selfie

Mirror selfies are a great way to capture an amazing outfit or a great hairstyle day. Mirror selfies are perfect if you don’t have anyone to take your photo with. To master the mirror selfie, you have to start organizing your space, good lighting, and right-size mirror. Then you have to choose … Read more

How Can Faulty Equipment Impact Your Photography

Photography equipment

Photography is the art, practice, and application of creating enduring images by recording the light or either electronically using an image sensor. Also, images can be created using light-sensitive materials such as photographic film. It is used in many fields of science, business, manufacturing, etc. Photography has changed since digital cameras and … Read more

A Guide to Buying Video Tripods

A Guide to Buying Video Tripods

Introduction Tripods and cameras are the dynamic duos of videography. It is generally agreed upon that to achieve professional productions, making proper use of a video-tripod is unavoidable. However, there are a mind-numbing variety of video tripods available in the market, often at comparable prices. That makes it rather a challenge to … Read more