Staying Safe While Taking Beach Photos

taking a beach photo

Taking photos on beautiful beaches is truly an amazing experience, and some of the photos you’ve taken can actually be sold on stock photo websites or for commercial purposes. If you are learning various skills in photography, then you will probably learn more and enhance those skills by concentrating on beach photography, … Read more

Android Only Selfie Sticks

selfie stick monopod

Taking selfies is considered by many to be one of the most popular activities to do today. In case you don’t know, selfies are photos that are taken by the actual owner or holder of the camera, and it is usually taken behind a beautiful or simple background. To take a selfie, … Read more

The Best Thing About Being a Photographer

photographer on the beach

For most of us, taking photographs is very important. This activity is especially great to do during special events or moments where you need to keep a photo of a memorable experience. You can then take a look at the photos months or years after with your loved ones. Photographs are also … Read more

Guidelines for Using Portable Strobe Lighting

Guidelines for Using Portable Strobe Lighting

Photography is an art form that allows photographers to manipulate images to convey messages or ideas and artistically express themselves. With that, there are innumerable ways to hone and advance your craft. Part of this is by choosing and learning about the various types of equipment that enable you to drastically change … Read more

Most Photographed Landscapes in the USA

Most Photographed Landscapes in the USA

Home to an amazing lot of stunning sights and sceneries, the United States of America is a true photographer’s haven. From canyons, rock formations, glaciers, lakes, and other varied views and terrains, there’s never running out of spots to capture and share with the world. If you’re curious where to photograph these … Read more

Pros and Cons of Taking Selfies

Pros and Cons of Taking Selfies

Taking selfies is a global phenomenon, with millions of selfies being posted on social media each day across the world. Typically understood as photographs taken by oneself using a smartphone, selfies serve as an avenue to show off a gorgeous outfit for a night out, capture the breathtaking scenery behind, document happy … Read more

What to Know Before You Buy a Selfie Stick


If you’ve been traveling a lot, chances are you’ve seen people taking photos on their smartphones attached to the end of a long pole. It’s little wonder as these so-called selfie sticks serve as valuable tools that provide its user more liberty in taking solo photos and group shots, choosing angles, and … Read more