The Advantages of Mirrorless Cameras

a close-up shot of a mirrorless camera

With modifications and advancements that paved the way for more mirrorless lenses, mirrorless camera are now the forefront of customizable photography. A Mirrorless camera works without a reflex mirror. Light passes through the lens directly to the digital sensor, which then displays your image on the camera’s LCD screen, allowing you to … Read more

Choosing the Right Digital Camera for Your Needs

black dslr camera taking photo of orange flowers in flower vase

Digital Cameras Digital cameras are also known as digicam, immediate video and image viewability is one of the few key advantage of using a digicam. Digital cameras are integrated with a wide range of digital devices, ranging from personal digital assistants (PDA) and mobile phones to the Hubble and Webb Space Telescopes. … Read more

Entertaining Kids During A Photoshoot

kids from back

When people want to continue their career in photography, they look for subjects. These subjects help them to create a portfolio. The closest subject that is available to them is their kids. They can help to complement the growing collection of their life and family. Some photographers’ work is on kids. Some … Read more

Most Common Photography Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

DSLR Camera mounted on Tripod

Photography is the art of capturing light with a camera using a digital sensor or film. With a lens, you can focus on the light emitted or reflected by an object that can be created into a real image. Photography is a result of the combination of technical discoveries that allows the … Read more

Tips For Teaching Kids About Digital Photography

Woman holding DSLR Camera

Digital photography uses cameras containing electronic photo-detector arrays to produce images that are focused by a lens, as opposed to an exposure on photographic film. The captured images are digitalized and stored as a computer file. Then there are further used for digital processing, digital printing, electronic publication, or just viewing. You … Read more

What Are Burst Modes On Camera And How Do They Work

Woman jumping off the cliff

Burst mode, also known as continuous shooting mode, high-speed continuous, sports mode, burst shot, is a shooting mode in still cameras. In burst mode, the photographer takes several photos in rapid succession, either by holding or pressing the shutter button. It is mainly used when the subject is in successive movements as … Read more

Is the DSLR Dying?

Person holding a DSLR camera

Double-lens Reflex cameras were rendered obsolete by Single-lens Reflex (SLR) back in the ‘60s. The latter tech (that had a mirror, a prism, and a film at their heart) was later superseded by Digital Single-lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras, some two decades ago. And like analog cameras before them, ever-evolving smartphones and mirrorless … Read more