Best Time Lapse Apps for Android and iPhone Users?


Time lapse is a technique where the camera captures a series of frames at certain intervals, the frames are then stitched together and played at normal speed in a video format. Time lapse is an excellent way to show and record changes that happen at a slow pace which are hard to … Read more

A Guide to Buying Best Dashcams

A Guide to Buying Best Dashcams

A wild driver runs a red light or switches lanes without turning their signal or speeding or driving while looking at their phone and runs into you. In the very least, it will end in costing you in damages. Typically, if it goes to trial and you don’t have a credible witness … Read more

Top Cameras for Vlogging

Top Cameras for Vlogging

People are getting way more famous on YouTube than on TV by just making vlogs. Vlogging is just like blogging but instead of writing blogs, you make videos logs (vlogs). If you have good storytelling skills, content, and confidence to speak in front of the camera, you can easily earn fame and … Read more

How to Do Smartphone Cinematography and Shoot Cinematic Video

Smartphone Cinematograph

With current smartphones and their powerful cameras, you don’t necessarily need to buy expensive specialize gear to do cinematography. Your smartphone is capable enough to shoot an action-packed film with just some practice. Even if some people have amazing smartphones, they still cannot achieve a cinematic look in their videos because of … Read more

Tips for Hiring a Videographer

Hiring a Videographer

The demand for videography continues to see a rapid rise, and for a good reason. Gone are the days of blurry camcorder videos; you can now package your keynote, wedding day, or holiday trip into a fascinating piece that can be preserved on your PC or hard disk for eternity. However, when … Read more

5 Smartphone Video Making Tips

Phone Camera Lens Kit

The reason we call the latest phones smartphones is because of their ability to perform many tasks in a smart way. Now, it is not difficult at all to find smartphones with great cameras that are capable of recording high definition videos and capture amazing photographs. It seems every new smartphone release … Read more