Android Only Selfie Sticks

Taking selfies is considered by many to be one of the most popular activities to do today. In case you don’t know, selfies are photos that are taken by the actual owner or holder of the camera, and it is usually taken behind a beautiful or simple background. To take a selfie, all you have to do is to point the camera’s lens towards you, which means that you will be holding the camera backward. While a regular camera is okay to use for selfies, a lot of people take selfies using their smartphone, which already has a front camera so that they don’t have to hold the phone backward.

However, our arms are often too short for taking selfies with friends or selfies where the background is much more prominent in the frame. Luckily, there is a solution to this dilemma, and that is found through a tool or gadget called the selfie stick. With the selfie stick, we can take better selfies that have a longer and wider range to accommodate more people in the frame and more areas in the background. These selfie sticks would often come with a remote controller so that we can take photos with our phone’s camera without the need to press or touch the capture button or icon on the phone’s screen.

There are already hundreds of different selfie sticks that you can get if you have an Android phone, but only a few of them are considered the best. If you want to get high-quality and durable selfie sticks that you can bring with you during vacation, we are here to provide you with a list of the best ones you can buy. So, without more delays, here are the best selfie sticks for Android phones.

Andoer 54-Inch Selfie Stick

tourists using a selfie stick

One of the longest selfie sticks that you can buy online is the Andoer 54-inch Selfie Stick, which has a shaft that can be extended for up to 137 centimeters. Besides its massive extended length, this selfie stick can also be converted into a tripod if you want hands-free snapshots on your phone. 

The Andoer selfie stick also comes with a small remote controller that you can use to take selfies on your phone without touching the gadget. To use the controller, all you have to do is to activate the Bluetooth of your smartphone and find the name of the controller in the list of available devices for connection. Another great feature of the Andoer selfie stick is that it is compatible with most gadgets, including small DSLR cameras and action cameras like GoPro.

ATUMTEK Selfie Stick

Next on the list is the ATUMTEK Selfie Stick, one of the most durable and best selfie sticks you can get today. Also regarded by many as the best selfie stick for Android, the ATUMTEK has a shaft and tripod legs that are made of strong metal, and it is actually supported by aluminum hinges when it is transformed into tripod mode. The metal parts of the selfie stick have an anodic coating to prevent rusting and other types of damage when exposed to outdoor elements.

The ATUMTEK Selfie Stick can be folded with ease, thus making it incredibly compact. So, if you are often using selfie sticks during outdoor trips, the ATUMTEK is suitable for you since it can fit in a small compartment in your backpack or luggage and won’t consume too much space.

Smatree Smapole Q3

Another great selfie stick to get is the Smatree Smapole Q3, a versatile tool that you can use to take the best selfies with friends, family members, or on your own. The Smatree selfie stick is relatively shorter than the Andoer, but it is much more compact, which makes it suitable for smaller backpacks that you often use on shorter trips. However, the Smatree doesn’t have a Bluetooth remote controller included in its box, although you can just buy a third-party Bluetooth controller online.

Much like the Andoer, the Smatree selfie stick is compatible with many gadgets, although it may be too small to use for DSLR cameras. However, if you only intend to use this selfie stick for your Android phone, then the Smatree is one of the best photography tools for you.


DJI stabilizer

If you want to take videos of your trips that you can upload as vlogs or simply keep as a remembrance of the locations you visited, a simple selfie stick may be too shaky for this activity. So, in order to eliminate the shakiness that often makes selfie videos quite uncomfortable or jarring to watch, you would need a stabilizer that also acts like a selfie stick, and one of these devices is the DJI OM 5.

The DJI OM 5 isn’t necessarily a selfie stick in its core, as it doesn’t have an extending handle or shaft, but the best feature of this gadget is its stabilizing smartphone mount, which eliminates shakiness whenever you are taking videos on your phone. You can still use the DJI OM 5 as a selfie stick, although it is much better if you can use it for vlogs.

Fugetek Selfie Stick

One of the most affordable selfie sticks on the market is the Fugetek Selfie Stick. Despite its very affordable price tag, the Fugetek is made from premium-grade materials that make it strong and durable. If you don’t have the budget to buy expensive selfie sticks, then the Fugetek is already good for you to buy, as it already has the basic features that you would need in a selfie stick. 

What the Fugetek doesn’t have is the tripod feature found in a lot of selfie sticks today, but if you don’t really use tripods that much for taking selfies or videos, then you wouldn’t really miss it if you have the Fugetek selfie stick. What it does have is a built-in controller on the handle, so you wouldn’t have to use a separate remote controller anymore for taking selfies with the selfie stick.

These are five of the best selfie sticks that you can buy today and use on your Android phone. Selfie sticks can come in different price ranges, so even if you have a small budget, you can easily buy a selfie sick online or in photography-focused stores near you.