7 Types of Special Event Photography

Event photography is an umbrella term for photographing various types of occasions, such as weddings, dinner parties, conferences, festivals, award presentations, product launches, outdoor tours, trade shows, etc.

Unlike studio photography, where the lighting and the subject can be adjusted to create the perfect shot, the role of event photographers is to document occasions while these unfold around them. The unexpected elements involved in the process make it more unique and rewarding. If looking for a photographer in Sacramento, hire one that provides an authentic experience.

Learn more about the different types of event photography in detail.


Weddings are special lifetime events, requiring a professional photographer to capture the most important moments. This type of photography involves taking photos of the proceedings before the wedding, the ceremony itself, and the celebration following the ceremony. Therefore, wedding photographers are faced with a number of challenges to overcome in the course of the process.

For instance, the job of these professionals is to take magnificent photos while working in a stressful environment. Some shots can only be taken once without a possibility of being retaken, such as the first kiss of the newlyweds, the exchange of vows, and the first dance. Wedding photographers shouldn’t miss their chance to capture these spontaneous moments, which requires plenty of preparation on their end.

Moreover, these professionals must be completely aware of their surroundings, placing the main focus on the bride and the groom. The approximate rate of wedding photographers ranges between $100 and $250 per hour, depending on their experience and service quality.

Corporate events

Corporate events

Corporate event photography is more complex because of the large number of branches, such as cocktail parties, business dinners, holiday parties, conferences, trade shows, seminars, charity events, anniversary parties, etc. This type of photography isn’t as stressful for photographers because of the lower number of spontaneous moments. Nevertheless, it still requires a lot of planning. Click here to check out the most common types of corporate events.

Given the importance of conferences and tradeshows for businesses, it’s vital for company owners to have these occasions photographed and included in their portfolios. Photographers also come across certain challenges like low lighting, but these can be resolved by using proper equipment. Additionally, these professionals need to make sure the guests aren’t disturbed while taking the photos. They must ensure the speakers are captured from a perfect angle, as well as have the right camera to make perfect shots.

Award presentations

Another type of event that requires professional photography is an award presentation. Photographers should strive to capture as many details as possible, which can be challenging due to the moving parts. Every moment should be captured on camera without causing any ceremony disruptions.

Nevertheless, award ceremonies require a great deal of planning. It’s of the utmost importance to get the schedule beforehand, as it will help you with the planning process. When photographing the people present at the event, photographers should ask for their permission before making the shots. It’s usually a nightmare to capture the right angles, which is why these professionals need to get as many angles as possible.

Product and brand launches

Event photography is an indispensable aspect of product and brand launches, as these occasions must be memorable. The photographs taken during the happening can be used for the purpose of product or brand promotion later on.

Furthermore, the real job of photographers at such events is to represent the uniqueness and beauty of new products, as well as make shots of the product while being used. Given the busy nature of product launches, professionals should be prepared to take photographs in crowded areas. The following link, https://www.huffpost.com/entry/9-ways-personal-branding-photography-can-massively_b_59de23b4e4b0b992a821485f, explains how personal branding photography can grow businesses massively.

Outdoor tours

Outdoor tours require professional event photography, as most businesses use these tours as a tool to promote their services and products. These photographs are later used in marketing campaigns, which is why the scenes have to be captured perfectly. As with the other branches of event photography, commercial photography imposes certain challenges on photographers.

For example, the weather is considered to be one of the greatest challenges owing to its unpredictable nature. Consequently, photographers have to improvise in order to take the best shots. Also, the presence of random elements makes the process of photographing even more challenging.

Dinner and business parties

Dinner and business parties are an excellent opportunity for taking unique shots while people are having fun. Anyhow, lighting seems to be the major problem for photographers at such events. Therefore, they use their best lenses to try to improve the quality of the photographs.

Group pictures are the key goal when photographing dinner and business parties, which is why the person taking the photos should remain unnoticeable. However, staying unnoticed may prove to be an arduous task, as people immediately react to the flash of cameras. Also, individuals have a tendency to change their attitude when they notice the presence of a photographer.

Marketing events

Marketing events also need professional photography, as these are important for the growth of businesses. Just like product launches, these happenings are crowded and demanding for professionals to capture. Also, taking abstract shots is a crucial aspect when photographing marketing happenings.

The bottom line

Photographs are the only memories left of special occasions and important business happenings.

Hire the right professional to capture yours!