What is a Havox Light Box?

Product photography can be difficult for a lot of photographers to do, as they would have to do their best in order to make the products of their clients look much better compared to seeing them in person. Through great photos with amazing angles and lighting, products will be much more appealing to a lot of consumers, which is why product photographers are currently in-demand since they are the only ones capable of producing those photos.

In order to be a product photographer, you would need several pieces of equipment that will help enhance the look of the product you will be taking photos of, and one of those pieces is the light box. There are dozens of light box brands and models that you can get today, but one of the best brands is Havox, a European company that specializes in producing and selling light boxes. What is a Havox Light Box? And why is it better than other light boxes? We will know the answers to those questions as we dive into the details of the Havox Light Box and its features.

The Havox Light Box

white interior of a light box

The Havox Light Box is produced and sold by Havox, a French-based company founded in 2015. The light boxes that Havox designs and produces are made of durable and sturdy materials so that they can last much longer compared to other light boxes, which are often made of cheap and flimsy materials that can deteriorate faster.

What’s great about Havox light boxes is that they are made through small-scale production without an intermediary, which means that the designers and the assemblers of the light boxes will be able to assemble and inspect each and every light box because the production line is not hectic and the products are not mass-produced. For about four years since the founding of Havox, the company’s light boxes were only available in Europe, but they eventually began selling their products in the USA in 2019.

Another amazing feature of the Havox light boxes is that they use SMD LED for their lighting, which is arguably one of the best types of lighting you can get for product photography. Havox imports its SMD LED chipsets from Taiwan, and those chipsets have a capacity of 0.5W per chip, and this capacity makes the chipsets quite powerful. Because of the high-performing chipset, the LED in Havox light boxes has a better color rendering index compared to most light boxes, so the colors of the products you will be taking photos of will be much more vibrant with the LED lights.

The LED ramp found inside the Havox light boxes is made from pure aluminum that is perfect for high-quality heat dissipation. These ramps can then be adjusted to move the direction of the light or to change the position of the LED even if the lighting is activated.

There is also a thumbwheel-type dimmer on the Havox light boxes’ power supply, which you can utilize to control the intensity of the LED lights. So, if you want the lights to be a little bit dimmer, you can move the thumbwheel down to 3 or 5 on the indicator. In addition to the thumbwheel dimmer, Havox light boxes also have an isolation transformer that protects the users or owners against electrical shocks, and it is also effective in preventing the lights from shorting. 

Havox’s Light Box Products

camera inside a light box

The light boxes that Havox sells come in different lines or categories, and each of these light boxes offers something different from the other. Here are the various series of light boxes that you can get from Havox.

HPB-40 Series

The smallest light box that Havox offers is the HPB-40, a small and lightweight light box that is perfect for taking photographs of small products like watches, necklaces, rings, and more. If you are always on the go, the HPB-40 would be very convenient for you to have, as it is easy to bring with you wherever you are, and you can easily assemble it if you want to take pictures of products anywhere. The HPB-40 is available in two versions: the first version has 30W lighting with two ramps, while the second version has 60W lighting with four ramps.

HPB-60 Series

Next on the line is the HPB-60, a much bigger light box compared to the HPB-40 and is suitable for taking photos of shoes, accessories, books, scale models, action figures, and other small to medium-sized products. The HPB-60 is still quite portable, so it is ideal for outdoor photoshoots or for taking photos of products for clients that are in another city or country. Similar to the HPB-40, the HPB-60 has two versions, with the one having 60W lighting with two ramps and the other having 120W lighting with four ramps.

HPB-80 Series

The most versatile light box that Havox sells is the HPB-80, which you can use to take photos of various products that have different sizes and quantities. With the HPB-80, you can take better photos of bags, large gadgets, and other small to large products. Because of its versatility, the HPB-80 is considered Havox’s best-selling product. There are two versions that you can get in the HPB-80 Series, namely the HPB-80D with 72W lighting and the HPB-80XD with 144W lighting.

HPB-Booth Series

The largest light box in the Havox product catalog is the HPB-Booth, which is taller than the HPB-80 and is perfect for taking amazing shots of artworks, statues, large figures, and different types of products that are too tall for the HPB-80. What’s neat about the HPB-Booth is that its lighting is modular and highly adjustable so that you can customize better lighting for taller products or works of art. The HPB-Booth is available in two sizes which are the 1.6-meter version and the 2-meter version.

And these are all the simple things you need to know about Havox and its light boxes. If you want to know more about Havox products, you can check out the company’s website using your smartphone or personal computer.