Top Reasons to Use a Havox Light Box

If you want to take your commercial or product photography game to the next level, having a lightbox can do wonders for you. A light box acts like a mini stage where you can shoot high-quality, professional-looking photos of small subjects, ranging from food to jewelry, cosmetics, and electronics.

Acknowledging the crucial importance of good lighting, this tool provides a bright, glare-free, uniform light and clean background. Thus, fully showcasing the details of the product and allowing you to get the most beautiful images.

If you don’t have one yet, be mindful that there are tons of options available in the market, making the search a daunting task. But, why go through such hassle when you can go straight ahead with a Havox Lightbox instead? It’s one of the best photography light boxes that you can find to suit all your photography needs.

Here, let’s discover more about this equipment and the top reasons why you should be choosing and using a Havox Photo Studio lightbox.

Wide ranges of sizes

Light boxes come in a variety of sizes. Some can only cover smaller items not larger than a regular smartphone, while others can accommodate bigger models. What’s great is that the Havox Photo Studio lightbox is available in different sizes: 16 x 16 x 16 inches, 24 x 24 x 24 inches, 32 x 32 x 32 inches, 47 x 32 x 62 inches, and 47 x 32 x 78 inches.

That means that you can quickly purchase one that suits your needs. For instance, if you’re into online selling of accessories, handbags, footwear, or electronic devices, there are the 16 x 16 x 16 inches or 24 x 24 x 24 inches Havox Photo Studio light boxes for you. If you’re dealing with bigger items like clothing to decorative items instead, you can get their 47 x 32 x 62 inches or the 47 x 32 x 78 inches models to fit the products you want to market.

Easy to assemble

In the fast-paced marketing industry, time is a precious asset that you need to take advantage of. Luckily, you can take professional-quality photos of your products in a breeze with the Havox Photo Studio light boxes. As easy to use, nomadic solutions, these light boxes are quick to assemble and disassemble, requiring only about 15 minutes. Through that, you can save time popping it up and down and just utilize it for other important tasks.

Supports different shooting angles

Angles does a lot in photography, with the slightest and subtlest changes bringing massive impact to the outcome of a shot. With that, it’s vital that you choose a lightbox that allows you to play with as many angles as possible to achieve your desired result.

Havox Photo Studio light boxes will give you just that. They have openings at the front and top to ensure that, giving you more room for your camera angles. You can do your front shots or top-down shots with ease, knowing that you’ll always have the best and widest access.

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Equipped with high-quality dimmable LED photo lights

Equipped with special high-quality dimmable SMD LED photo lights with 5500K temperature and a luminous flux between 12,500 to 26,000, all you can expect from Havox Photo Studio light boxes is vibrant and professional-looking photos at the end of every shoot.

Even better, its fitted lights are dimmable, which means you can easily adjust the brightness to your specific needs. Plus, you won’t experience any issues of flickering, even when the light is dimmed. Adding the color rendering index of 93+, you’re just assured of capturing professional photographs that will entice your customers at a glance.

Comes with three different backdrops

A genuine all-in-one studio box, the Havox Photo Studio lightbox comes with other special features that give you the bang for your buck. First, this tool comes with three different backdrops. You can switch from white to an orange or black background to further accentuate your subject.

Features an adjustable overhead diffuser

Havox Photo Studio lightboxes are also designed with a neatly-fitted adjustable overhead diffuser. You can raise or lower it to spread or soften the light and clear any reflection, glare, or shadow. Thus, ensuring uniform lighting over your products and enhancing the quality of pictures you take with the equipment.

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Lightweight and highly durable

Made from durable material and comes with a sturdy design, you can count one that Havox Photo Studio light boxes are meant to last. It’s of the best quality, which means you can use it for a long time, further maximizing the money you’ll spend on the equipment. Meanwhile, this tool is also built to be lightweight and is collapsible. You can move it around with ease or bring it to any location you like to use your premium portable studio.

Made for all skill levels

Designed for all skill levels from beginners to professionals or experts, Havox Photo Studio light boxes are just perfect for any photographer. You can set up the equipment quickly with no tools required and go straight ahead with your desired shots using your photography smarts. If you’re still learning down the ropes, don’t fret! You can skim through the user manual provided and get some inspiration on how to start taking hassle-free high-resolution images of your products.

Provides a 2-year guarantee and great customer service

With the brand’s confidence in the quality of its products, you’ll receive a 2-year guarantee when you purchase a Havox Photo Studio lightbox. It covers all functionality portions of your equipment, so you’ll never have to worry in case of any mishap. Their customer service is also easily reachable through phone or email and they’ll be happy to assist you with your queries or requests.


Taking commercial or product photos never has to be a complicated task. Bring ease to the activity by getting your own Havox light box. With all its amazing features, this premium equipment will make everything a piece of cake and leave you only with the highest quality product photograph and happy customers.