Best Time Lapse Apps for Android and iPhone Users?

Time lapse is a technique where the camera captures a series of frames at certain intervals, the frames are then stitched together and played at normal speed in a video format. Time lapse is an excellent way to show and record changes that happen at a slow pace which are hard to notice when viewed through a naked eye such as a sunset, blooming of a flower, or the night sky.

However, a bad time lapse app can ruin everything and so it is essential that you record your time lapses on the best time lapse apps. As such, in this post, we are going to discuss the best time lapse apps for iPhone and Android so that your time lapse videos are top-notch. Please note that the apps are not in any ranking order.

The logo of Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile app.

1. Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

The Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile, as the name implies, is a time lapse app for Android by Microsoft Corporation and is rated 4.1 stars as per the reviews. It allows the users to capture smooth and quick time lapse videos or edit existing ones.

The app offers multiple exciting features. It allows to import time lapses shot earlier to edit them, allows instant viewing of the time lapse shot, and has different speeds at which you can shoot your time lapse from 1x to 32x times the normal speed.  It also has the option to save your time lapse videos at two different HD resolutions, 720p and 1080p. Lastly, the app provides a direct share feature to social media and you can save the time lapse video to your phone’s memory.


2. Lapse It

Lapse It is one of the best time lapse apps for Android and iPhone. It has also been featured in the media and is an award-winning app. The app offers a long list of different features and is also free for everyone although there are in-app purchases. 

The app uses the full sensor of your camera to capture great quality time lapses and offers 1080p videos with a quick render time. Moreover, it allows to import frames or pictures from other sources to form a time lapse. You can also use existing videos and covert them into slow or fast motion videos; besides that, you can add soundtracks of your choice into the time lapse. As for the speed, you can shoot it up to 240x and the app also gives you the manual settings option for different modes. Lastly, similar to the app discussed aforementioned, it gives you the option to share your time lapse video directly to social media.

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3. Framelapse

Framelapse is another great time lapse app for Android and iPhone. The app is rated a solid 3.8 and has good reviews overall with great response from the developers who cater to different complains. This app also offers very good features so that your time lapse turns out to be post worthy.

The app allows the users to adjust the time between the frames, the resolution goes up to 2160p 4K, offers white balance and other manual adjustments, and you can not only make a time lapse from the back camera but also front camera. It has an inbuilt calculator so that you can know the duration of your time lapse, and the app also has virtually no render time and is very quick to provide you with the output. All in all, it is one of the best apps for time lapse for Android and a solid time lapse app for iPhone. You should note that Android users will enjoy an advanced version for free whereas the iPhone users will only be able to use the basic features given above.


4. Superlapse

Superlapse is a simple and easy to use time lapse app for Android and iPhone. The app has some basic features that would help you to capture just the right time lapse that you need for your social media profiles. It offers simple but quality features similar to the apps discussed above. It is currently rated at a 3.8 which is a solid rating.

Out of the features this app offers, the most impressive one is that it allows zoom and auto focus options. Other features in this app include setting the frame rate, 720p or 1080p resolution, manual camera settings, video filters and background soundtracks, and many others. However, remember, this app aims to keep the entire user experience to be very friendly and easy to use so you should not really expect any super sophisticated or advanced features. Simple, intuitive, and effective. 


5. Hyperlapse from Instagram

The Hyperlapse from Instagram app is a solid time lapse app for iPhone or iOS. Created by Instagram, it is one of the best time lapse apps out there because of its easy-to-use but sophisticated features that make your time lapse stand out from the rest.

The Hyperlapse from Instagram offers great features. One of them is that whatever activity you are engaging in, you can always capture a timelapse with this app. Moreover, because of the in-built stabilization in this app, your bumpy videos will turn into smooth cinematic time lapse which looks very professional which means that you could be on the back of a motorcycle, capturing a time lapse of the sunset and it would still look stable and smooth. You can also speed up your time lapse to up to 12 times and directly share your time lapse onto your social media accounts from this app. And the best part of all of this is that you do not even need an Instagram to run this app. So, in a nutshell, this app really focuses on the philosophy that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

6. Time Lapse Camera

Time Lapse Camera is a time lapse app for Android and is one of the best time lapse app in 2021. The app offers an unique feature out of the others that have been discussed in this post. It has a very good rating of 4.1 and has over 70,000 reviews. 

The unique feature in this app is called Photo Lapse where you can keep an object as the focus on the entire time lapse and show progress of that certain object, for example you can show body transformations or flower blooming etc. In addition, this app also offers the regular video lapse option where the sky mode is offered in which you can capture the northern lights, the galaxy, or the clouds. The other option is the city mode where you can capture the chaotic movement in a city. Besides this, the app has no in-app advertisements which may make the entire user experience very annoying. All in all, it is an excellent app to make your time lapse videos in Android.


Time lapses are excellent ways to capture changes in the surroundings but can be very tough to manage and get a good one that is post worthy. These six time lapse apps for Android and iPhone can make this entire process super easy and help you shoot time lapses that stand out from the crowd and are beautiful.