Best Budget-Friendly Battery Operated Wireless Printer

Printers are needed if you want to print photographs for clients as a photographer or if you want to print documents that you may need for various purposes. For many years, most of us have known printers as bulky and are always connected through a computer and an electrical outlet using wires. However, many companies have now developed dozens of printers that are smaller and portable.

Portable printers are what you will need if the location of your work is constantly changing, which is what photographers usually deal with whenever they are hired to take photographs in another city or country. If you are a photographer, then you will need a portable printer that you can use to provide physical photographs for your clients.

There are many portable printers that you can buy today, but only a few of those are considered the best when it comes to portability, speed, and quality of prints. In addition, some of the best portable printers are also quite affordable, so you wouldn’t need to spend plenty of money to get a printer for your computer and camera. Here are some of the best budget-friendly battery-operated wireless printers.

Canon Pixma TR150

Many photographers would say that the Canon Pixma TR150 is the best portable printer to have while on a business trip, and there are many reasons why it is considered the best. One of the reasons is that the Pixma TR150 provides high-quality prints, even if you use photo paper. So, if you are going to print photographs while in a hotel room or while already in the area where you will work, you can bring the Canon Pixma with you to print photos for guests or clients.

portable printer

What’s also great about the Pixma TR150 is that it has low ink costs, which means that it doesn’t use too much ink. So, with the TR150, you don’t have to frequently buy ink cartridges. But, if it is time to buy cartridges, Canon Pixma ink cartridges are actually quite affordable, so they wouldn’t break the bank.

However, the downside to the Canon Pixma TR150 is that it doesn’t come with the battery pack in the box, so you will have to buy the battery separately. However, the battery pack isn’t that expensive, so you should just prepare to spend more once you get the Canon Pixma TR150 and want to upgrade its portability. You can still use the portable printer even without the battery by plugging in an electrical outlet using the included plug.

HP OfficeJet 250

Another great portable printer to buy is the HP OfficeJet 250, which some would regard as a better option than the Canon Pixma TR150, mainly because it already comes with a battery pack. In addition to the included battery, the HP OfficeJet 250 has a much bigger display so that you will be able to better see the progress of your prints, as well as the various printing options available to you.

The OfficeJet250 is also a 10-page automatic feeder, so you don’t have to constantly feed it with paper. This portable printer also has scanning and copying capabilities, which the Pixma TR150 does not have. So, if you want to scan photographs (especially the ones printed using a Polaroid camera) and want to turn them into digital photos, you will be able to do so using the HP OfficeJet 250.

Because it is packed with plenty of features, the HP OfficeJet 250 is noticeably bigger and heavier compared to the Canon Pixma TR150. So, the OfficeJet 250 may not be as portable as a few of the printers mentioned on this list, but if you want a scanner and copier, this printer would be the best option for you out of all of the great portable printers available today.

Epson WorkForce EC-C110

If you want a lighter portable printer that is perfect for business use, then you should get the Epson WorkForce EC-C110, which is also the most affordable printer in the battery-operated line of Epson WorkForce printers. A great feature of the WorkForce EC-C110 is its 20-sheet input tray, so you can just fill the top compartment with 20 sheets, and the printer will already feed from those sheets immediately once you print a document or photograph.

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The WorkForce EC-C110 is also capable of producing high-quality prints that are needed for photography and business printing. Furthermore, the printer also has a below-average color cost per page, so it saves a lot of ink per page in order for you to get the most out of your ink cartridges. The drawback to this printer is that it has a relatively short battery, as it can only print about 50 colored pages before its battery runs out of juice. But, if you are always near an electrical outlet, you can just easily charge the WorkForce EC-C110 and get back to printing.

Canon Selphy CP1300

The last wireless printer battery operated on this list is the Canon Selphy CP1300, which is a lightweight and portable printer that is perfect for printing snapshots with clarity and definition. The Selphy CP1300 is also the most affordable printer on this list, so if you don’t want to bring an expensive printer with you during business trips, then we recommend that you get the Selphy CP1300.

Much like most of the printers mentioned in this article, the Selphy CP1300 has a low cost per print feature that allows you to save money on ink cartridges. Also, the Selphy can print from USB thumb drives and SD cards, so even if you don’t connect it to a computer, you can still print whatever you want as long as the photos are inside the SD card or USB thumb drive.

These are some of the best options when it comes to portable and affordable printers that you will need for your photography business or gig. Check out various reviews of the portable printers we mentioned above so that you will know which one suits your preferences.