All About Portable Battery-Powered Printers

As big and bulky boxes take too much space, only a few people think of packing printers for their trip. Thankfully, like with other electronic products, the ceaseless advancement of technology allowed printers to become smaller, lighter, and battery-powered. Thus, making this valuable equipment portable enough to bring with you.

Whether you’re a businessman who is always on the go, a student who needs to print resources immediately, or a traveler who wants to quickly get tangible memoirs of your trip, having the best portable battery-powered printer will do wonders for you. With that, discover more about this essential tool below and discover more about why and how you should be getting one.

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Benefits Of Portable Battery-Powered Printers

1. Print wherever you are

One of the biggest advantages of having a portable battery-powered printer is that it allows you to print from almost anywhere you are whether you’re moving or traveling, or in instances, where electric outlets are not available. Your location is nearly irrelevant and you can print without much hassle other than turning on the printer.

2. Saves time and money

You no longer have to find a printing service in a town or city and queue up just to have your important documents printed. With a portable battery-powered printer, you can do it whenever you like during a long traffic jam, during a short break, or in the middle of the night, allowing you to save time and make you even more productive.

Plus, you no longer have to pay extra when seeking help from a printing service, which can cost a little bit higher than printing yourself. Thus, enabling you to also save a considerable amount of money in the long run.

3. Security

While printing at local retailers, printing shops, and office service stores are generally safe, it is not without risk. Whenever you do so, you may put your personal or confidential business information in peril, exposing it to be seen by other people who are not concerned. Get a portable battery-powered printer and you’ll never have to print outside, protecting you from any data mishap.

4. Convenient Handling

Portable battery-powered printers are designed to be compact and lightweight. Some can fit your briefcase, travel backpack,  or carry-on luggage, while the smallest models of photo printers are only somewhat bigger than the wallet-size photos they print. With that, there’s no reason for you not to carry one, given you can conveniently pack it wherever you go.

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Factors to Consider when Buying Portable Battery-Powered Printers

Like with any other purchase, you shouldn’t get any first item you see. You need to consider many factors to ensure that you make a smart decision and end up with the best portable battery-powered printer that best fits your circumstances. Here are the important things you should look at:

1. Portability

Portability mainly revolves around the size and weight of the battery-powered printer you’d be getting. Check the size and weight of the product you’re eyeing. In general, it should not exceed 15 inches in width and weigh over five pounds. Anything beyond that can be harder to carry and utilize on the go. Be mindful, however, that larger and heavier portable printer models usually have better features. You may want to strike a balance between portability and the features you are looking for.

2. Printing Needs

Are you only going to print black-and-white documents? Will you need color printing now and then? Do you have print photos, too? Remember, portable printers come in a long list of brands and models with different printing capabilities. Assess your needs and opt for an all-in-solution that can meet all your printing necessities.

3. Connectivity

For versatility, look for a model that supports different connectivity options. Nowadays, units already have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, and Wi-Fi connectivity options so you can print anytime without wires. It will be your great companion as you can also print from various sources, such as your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet, without limitations. Most portable printers also offer USB connectivity, which can also be handy.

4. Inkjet or Thermal Printer

Portable printers use two technologies. The first is the inkjet printer, which features ink nozzles that spray ink and imprint on the paper. It creates precise images or copies with the printhead streaming ink on the miniature dots created from the instructions from the device with the document to be printed.

Meanwhile, a thermal dye printer comes with a sheet of cellophane ribbon with 4 color panels infused with ink. The print head produces heat on each panel, sublimates the ink, and transfers it onto the special printing paper.

Note that portable inkjet printers are cheaper and are more widely available than their thermal counterparts. The catch is that image durability is less as their print may stain or smudge when exposed to elements, plus they have more moving parts making them harder to maintain.

On the other hand, thermal printers may be expensive but signs and labels printed on them tend to last longer and withstand sunlight, moisture, or routine use. Moreover, thermal printers are more versatile and are easier to run and maintain than inkjet printers.

To make your decision- easier and get your money’s worth, go for a portable inkjet printer if you only intend to print office documents, photographs, and temporary labels or signages. Meanwhile, thermal printers instead are worthy investments if you’re gearing towards printing floor marking, durable signages, or other specialized visual communication.

5. Battery

The battery will be the primary power source of your portable printer. Note, however, that some models have built-in batteries, while others require them to be bought in addition to the equipment itself. Plan your purchase so that you can save money accordingly. The ideal portable printers should have lithium-ion batteries as they charge faster, last longer, and pack a higher power density even on a lighter package. Other models even allow you to incorporate an external battery pack for even longer-lasting power, making them truly perfect on the go.

6. Price Range

Like with every purchase, the cost will never go out of the picture. Portable battery-powered printers prices vary widely, depending on the size, functionality, and brand of the unit. Assess your printing needs and budget to see which model perfectly fits. If you’re planning to use it for personal purposes, you can opt for a cheaper, compact, and lightweight one. If you intend to use it for business, you may want to consider a pricier, bigger portable printer but with more features available for your business.


In today’s busy and seemingly crowded world, everyone will find mobility and portability helpful even when it comes to their printing needs. If you’re one who prints often, take advantage of these portable battery-powered printers and reap all the amazing benefits that they offer to your personal, business, travel, or photography needs.