Creative Ideas for Beach Photoshoot

Beaches are indeed a blessing. It is an escape from reality and an entry into one which is serene and beautiful; beaches are truly one’s refuge. Beaches can also be an excellent place for clicking pictures, be it with friends or with family—with the blue skies and clear water in the background, your pictures are guaranteed to come out awesome. With some creative ideas for your beach photoshoot, your pictures can become even more awesome. In this post, we are going to list down some great ideas for beach photos so that you can have an amazing beach photo session. Without further ado, here are some creative ideas for beach photoshoot.

Palm Tree

plam tree

This is a classic one which will capture the beauty around the beach. You can lean against this exotic tree and capture away with an aesthetic swimsuit on. An alternative is to sit against the tree with your loved one and have the beach in the background preferably the sunset or sunrise.



Another beach photoshoot idea would be showing off your drinks that you are enjoying under the sunny weather. You can either hold up your exotic cocktail against the seashore and click a gorgeous picture or you can dig your beer bottles or any of your drinks into the sand with the water in the background. Both ideas would look even more better during the golden hour. Your social media followers would surely love these pictures!

Sand Rain

Bring out the child in you on the beach. You can sit down with your loved ones on the sand then bunch up some sand in your palms. Do a count down and throw up the sand into the air. Ask your photographer to then capture pictures as the sand comes down, making it a “sand rain” picture. Your followers would love this open, funny, and childish beach photoshoot.

Handshapes against a setting sun


Capturing the sun within the handshapes you are making is another perfect idea for a beach photoshoot. You can make circles or other random gestures with your hands, arms, or even your body to capture the sun perfectly. The purpose of this beach photoshoot idea is to make it look like that you are holding the sun, an illusion. This one will definitely get you a lot of likes!


boy enjoy

An aesthetic idea for your beach photoshoot. Have your friends or you & your partner against the sunset on the beach and ask the photographer to take a picture by focusing on the sky in the background. You can try different camera positions in this type of a photo, up high or down towards the sand. Either way, your beach photoshoot is guaranteed to come out beautiful. 



Being yourself and letting go of any poses or pre-planned pictures make for a great beach photoshoot. It is ideal for friends, couples, or family. All you must do is to be candid—be it laughing, walking, talking, or doing anything that you do a beach regularly; remember, let go. Your photographer must be ready to capture these memorable moments with different camera angles. You will have a bunch of different candid pictures that would surely attract a lot of positive attention. 



If you have a passion for surfing and want to express this to your followers, then this beach photoshoot session is the perfect one for you. There are couple of poses you can do, one of which is walking down the beach against a sunset/sunrise background with a surfboard tucked away under your armpit. Another one would be digging the surfboard down into the sand then lean against the surfboard by holding it from the top with good lighting and preferably during the golden hour. Lastly, you can show off your surfing skills by having a surfing beach photoshoot. There are many different poses you can take with your beloved surfboard and tell your followers about your passion.

Bedrock, A Symbol of Solidity


A classy idea for beach photoshoot—pictures on the sea bedrock. You can have your wedding pictures against the beautiful blue waters during the blue hour or with a group of friends. The photos on the bedrock can also have an underlying meaning that not everything will have a smooth path and calamities will strike but the path and the bond remain as solid as the bedrock. 

You can stand with your partner on the bedrock or find a suitable one where you can sit and get an awesome beach photoshoot. This beach photoshoot idea is an elegant and fancy way to exhibit to your followers that you embrace change but remain solid throughout.



It is time to get into the water and get wet, after all you are at the beach. This beach photoshoot idea involves capturing you and your loved ones under water, exploring through the deep mysterious ocean with the beautiful marine life captured in the eye of the camera. You can show off your passion for scuba diving and your curiosity for the life under the water. Be candid or make funny poses under water to click this picture. However, remember, you would need an excellent waterproof camera for this.  

Use Props

Apart from just having yourself and your loved ones as the subject of the photo session, there are many more ideas for beach photoshoot using different props to capture the natural beauty surrounding you. You can use a pair of sunglasses with large glasses to show off the gorgeous blue sky or the fading light of a sunset. Another idea for your beach photoshoot would be to use a glass bottle with a message in it, a very cool vintage idea. Apart from this, you can click a classic beach photo with your reclined sunbathing chair and an umbrella to show to your friends that you are enjoying a hint of paradise on an exotic beach. There are many ideas you can employ, let your imagination run wild and use props to your advantage for your beach photoshoot.

Natural Shade

Pictures against the sun no doubt look great, but another idea is to click your beach pictures in some natural shade. This natural shade can come from giant rocks or palm trees on the beach, you can lean against that object and have your photographer click amazing pictures of you. This idea will bring variety in your beach photoshoot. 


There are many creative ideas for a beach photoshoot. Do not limit yourself to the classic ones but rather let your imagination and creativity run wild. In addition to the ideas discussed above, you will come up with even more to enhance your beach photoshoot. You must, however, keep in mind one thing: have a good photographer that understands the different technicalities and knows tips & tricks to have the best possible beach photoshoot with the ideas above implemented.