Tips for preparing if your college student will attend Thanksgiving at home

The year has been filled with many sacrifices made and some impossible choices that we have been forced to make, but it is not over yet. If you have got kids in college, you may be at a point where you are facing the latest Conundrum of the pandemic. You will have a lot of questions, including whether they can come home and socialize with every other person and end up infecting them with the disease or whether you can tell them to stay at their destinations and go about their holidays alone. While you are walking through the decision-making process of getting them home or even how to go about that, you can keep the following things in mind. will provide you with some tips.

Perform risk analysis on your own

It is only a few weeks remaining to Thanksgiving. It means that how your student in college has been putting up with everything going on worldwide in the past weeks matters a lot, especially when you want to determine the level of risk that they can pose to your family and yourself. In case they had their classes virtually in most cases, or if they have not been visiting any restaurant or attending any parties, and they’re coming back home with two healthy parents or fairly young siblings, then they can get put on the other end of the spectrum of risks. The other end is taken by students who have been visiting restaurants and bars, even if cases were on the rise within their community, the individuals attending physical classes, and the students who have been eating with their peers inside the cafe. You will be having such students sitting around a table with some older adults, including grandparents.

Ensure that you check what the institutions had reported in line with the infections and check the number of infections reported within the area of the college’s location because most of the students live off-campus. Ensure that you hold an honest discussion with the student and tell their exposure potential and recent activities they have been indulging in. Understand that you have not been in college with the students, and therefore you have no way of being sure of how careful they were, or they are. But since you might have a rough idea of how your child operates, it, therefore, means that you can guess whether they were careful if they claim to be or whether they were indulging with other people.

Develop ground rules immediately they get home

The break for Thanksgiving is usually a time for students going to college to reconnection with their friends from High School. It is so unfortunate that grouping together around the hometown and they have just come from every part of the world and it is that thing that most parents are trying to avoid at the moment.

Therefore, you must ensure that you have clear boundaries set on how they will engage with each other while at home during the holiday and ensure that you are very strict on how conservative they should be. You can give them a chance to have get-togethers held outdoors, with everybody masked and socially distant. Still, if you have some family members who are a bit vulnerable, you must ensure that all the get-togethers are done virtually for the rest of the year.

How you set up your home to hold the big dinner is vital too. In case the weather does not permit you to hold it outside, you can ensure that you sprayed the whole party in those as much as you can, while ensuring everybody has a mask whether they are not drinking or eating actively and also keep all the students distanced from the high-risk relatives you have within your household. At this point, you can also introduce the Kids Table for the students coming back home to separate them from individuals who are considered high risk.

Understand that the negative tests are no guarantee

When the students get tested before leaving campus or upon their arrival in the town, it can be a good chance, and it’s also vital and critical to understanding that negative tests happen during a specific time. Even if the students get tested days before Thanksgiving, and it doesn’t account for any exposure after that. Suppose they are arriving by plane on a Tuesday night and receive the test on Wednesday morning. In that case, there is a possibility that the student could test positively even ten days after their initial test in case they got exposed as they were traveling. Ensure that students do not hug their grandparents or even get closer to them without wearing a mask on the simple terms that they received a negative test recently. That will be a chance for you to save the lives of Others, especially the vulnerable people, in case the child was infected unknowingly.