The Explainer Videos You’re Currently Using May Not Be Effective. The Five Reasons Below Explain Why

Explainer videos serve as strong communication tools to visually appeal to a specific audience, stimulating their interest.

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Incorrect Concept

This pertains to the message you are trying to convey, as well as your articulation approach.

Explainer videos serve as strong communication tools to visually appeal to a specific audience, stimulating their interest. Explainer videos shouldn’t be used as a sales tool, though. Rather, explainer videos should tell a relatable story about a company’s service or product, and the ways it can solve a particular problem.

This won’t happen by fluke. You need to define an idea and isolate it from what your competition is putting out. People on the internet want to be impressed by the content they are exposed to. Therefore, you should be using formulaic methods as the foundation for your explainer video.

This can be achieved by being original and creative. Your message should explain your brand and its core values. Concentrate on the core idea using the voice of your brand. Customize it using a storytelling approach, which will help audiences comprehend it better. In doing so, people will be able to relate to your message.

Too Long

The reason explainer videos (and a majority of marketing videos, in general) are short is because the attention spans of online audiences depreciate with every second that passes. Successful videos are as short as 30 seconds or as long as 150 seconds.

The specific length depends on several factors, including what you are selling, your target market’s demographics, and the complexity of whatever your solution entails. Older viewers will be a lot more patient than younger ones. Keeping in mind that there is no universal length explainer videos should have, most of them don’t exceed 120 seconds. This gives brands plenty of time to articulate their message without their audiences zoning out halfway through. You do have some versatility here – just be sure that each second of the video matters. Feel free to do some editing to eliminate anything unnecessary, or content that doesn’t contribute to the message you’re trying to put out.

Ineffective Hook

If your audience’s attention isn’t captured from the start of the video, you already lost them. More to the point, you need to capture their attention within the video’s initial 10 seconds. if you don’t, they’ll likely move on to another video (or something else entirely). You can lose an audience in 10 seconds or retain them and 10 seconds is being generous!

You’re not to get a second chance to get them back, either. Audiences need an incentive to watch a video from start to finish. This can be achieved by creating strong opening scenes and integrating them with lines that are compelling. Pose a premise or ask a question that intrigues audiences from the get-go. Use enticing and aesthetically-pleasing visuals, and if you can, play some music in the background. All of these contributions should be in sync with your branding and message as a whole.

Improperly Targeted

As silly as it sounds, empathy is the secret to making an explainer video successful. They address specific issues that a certain audience is struggling with. Audiences are told, in a sense, that you understand their issue, and that you can help.

However, this cannot be done if you do not know the details about the audience you’re appealing to. You need to take into consideration fundamental demographic elements, including age, gender, and location. You also need more thorough details, such as their preferences, tastes, objectives, and social platforms frequented.

Ultimately, content creation centered around your niche will make your videos more effective. Be mindful of this stage when planning your explainer video.

In Closing

Explainer videos that are well-made are effective tools your company can leverage when they are done right.

In the event that your explainer video did not deliver the results you believed it would, this article should give you an idea of where you went wrong. However, if you would like to have impartial eyes review your video, we can be of service. Get in touch with us and allow our talented and experienced staff to make your video as effective as it should be!