The best iPhone photo editing apps in 2021

Thanks to the emergence of social media in the modern world, we are now exposed to a variety of photo editing apps for our smartphones in order to make sure we share the best images possible. Photo editing apps are hugely popular at the moment, especially as they give people the freedom to create an image on their own.

Not every photo editing app is worth using, though. Some photo editing apps for our smartphones promise a lot but deliver limited functionalities. It is a saturated space, too, with a massive selection of companies aiming to get a piece of the pie. The same applies to other apps also, with various mobile applications from different genres popping up regularly. Games are popular too, but not all of them are worth playing, hence why people leave the App Store and surf the web to try embarking on a Pirate slots adventure available at in the UK or by locating some other fun and free games online elsewhere. The same applies to photo editing apps, with a large selection of them proving utterly useless.

After featuring the best Android photo editing apps, it’s now time to focus on the best creations available on iPhone. So, without further ado, here is a look at some of the iPhone photo editing apps worth downloading in 2021.


One of the most popular photo editing apps around at the moment, Snapseed has you covered for all photo editing purposes with a particular focus on colour and exposure. The app comes with a comprehensive selection of editing tools, you can adjust the likes of colour, exposure and sharpness, and there is the option of cropping, rotating and straightening images too. On top of this, Snapseed also offers brushes, a healing tool, lens blur, portrait enhancement, frames, text and a whole lot more.


For full access, you need to pay to use Lightroom, but it is most definitely worth it. This particular photo editing app is used by professional photographers, although this version is designed specifically for mobile. The app offers detailed grain control, a selection of impressive tools, and you can design images on multiple compatible devices. For example, you can get to work on an image using your iPad and then finish off the job on your iPhone.



Particularly popular with people keen to use filters from the world of film, VSCO is a fantastic photo editing app. You can create the classic look of an old black and white movie thanks to its subtle one-tap filter presets. It comes with adjustable filter strength, over 130 filters, all the editing tools you need, and a built-in camera app that offers a variety of advanced manual controls.

Afterlight 2

An all-purpose photo editing app particular popular with creative types, Afterlight 2 is excellent for exposure, colour, and sharpening adjustments, as well as offering a variety of blend modes and other advanced tools. You can also add dust and light leak overlays, on top of being able to access free filter packs, which have been put together by established mobile photographers from all around the world. Afterlight 2 isn’t free, but it is a solid app to use.


Keen to remove any unwanted blemishes or odd objects from your photos? Fear not, TouchRetouch most definitely has your back. The app helps achieve cleaner composition with its handy object removal feature: it offers brush and lasso tools; you can remove dust spots, wires, and even people. TouchRetouch allows you to duplicate various objects thanks to its clever clone tool, too.

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