Taking Photos: High-quality mobile phones or professional cameras?

Before smartphones came into existence, professional cameras were used for taking pictures. However, with the advent of technology, high-quality mobile phones with powerful cameras are being released almost every day. Also, professional cameras are being improved every day. So should you take photos with a high-quality mobile phone or a professional camera? Before you make a decision, you may want to consider the pros and cons of both: A smartphone has the following advantages:

Easy to handle

It is easy to take photos using a smartphone. You do not need to have had years of exposure to it. Taking pictures with a mobile phone is something you can learn on the go.


A mobile phone is convenient. It is small and light to carry around. It can easily fit into your hands or pocket. You do not need any extra efforts in carrying a smartphone.

Easy access to social media

You can easily access your social media platforms and share your pictures with friends and family. A professional camera does not avail you of that opportunity. You would have to go through the stress of transferring files.

Easy access to cloud storage

You can easily store your photos in your phone’s cloud storage. As such, you can always access them anytime or any day, without fear of losing the photos.

However, a mobile phone has some flaws too

Your creativity is hindered

Mobile phones have limited manual control settings. This is unlike a professional camera when you can manipulate the settings as much as you want.

Low resolution

Most mobile phones offer pictures with very poor resolution, only a few offer better ones. Even the few that do cannot beat the professional camera in terms of quality. Besides, the camera of a phone is only as good as long as it is new. Even though mobile phones are reaching high tech qualities as 48mp photos resolution, only very few phones have such great capabilities and they are often very expensive. Thus, you can avoid this disadvantage by buying a high resolution camera phone.

Limited quality

Even though some mobile phones now have strong photo editing apps, the results are hardly ever the same with professional cameras.

A higher investment is professional cameras but it can be worth it. The pros of a professional camera include:


Undoubtedly, the quality of a picture taken with a professional camera beats that of phone hands down. The resolution of such a picture is always on fleek.

More manual control settings

With a professional camera, you can adjust the settings with no hindrance as much as you like. The professional camera allows for more creativity of the photographer.

Versatility: a professional camera allows you to be versatile with taking photos. You can employ different angles, perspectives, photo composition rules, etc. with no limits.

However, a professional camera has its troubles too:


Not everyone can afford a professional camera, unlike a mobile phone which comes in lesser prices and varieties

Time consuming

Taking photos with a professional camera is time-consuming. A photographer has to take it to the lab to edit the photos, develop the negatives, print them out, transfer to their computer, etc. Using a mobile phone does not require much stress.

No easy access to social media

You cannot log in to your social media profiles to share your photos with friends and family. You have to get it transferred to an internet-enabled device first before you can do so.

Long learning curve

Unlike a mobile phone that you can easily learn how to handle on the spot, a professional camera is not like that. It requires some time before you can master a professional camera and be able to take good quality photos with it. Besides, manning a professional camera is a lot of work!

In light of the pros and cons of both the mobile phones and professional cameras, it is obvious that only you can tell which is best for you depending on factors such as what you have, what you want, what you can handle, etc. However, whichever option you go for, you can always make the most of it.