Immediate Remedies for Mange in Cats

Animals can go through a variety of different health conditions and diseases both internally and externally. One of the scariest of them all is referred to as “mange”. It is a derivative of a skin condition that is caused by microscopic parasites that burrow themselves into the skin causing hair loss, crusted skin, and intense pain, which could render them helpless. According to some online sources, the parasite that causes this issue is known as “Demodex”.

If one had to compare it to a human condition it would resemble “scabies”. It can be very irritating and can cause the feline to bite itself, scratch itself excessively till it bleeds, as these mite-like creatures ravage their bodies and it could get worse with them getting infected and scabs. This can happen unless it isn’t treated quickly.

From the first sign of the cat starting to itch, one must check them for anything from ticks, mites, parasites, etc. they are also mites that do not do this, and live without harming the cat’s skin. However, most of them don’t like peace.

Things That can cause Mange

Several things can cause this awful skin condition known as “Feline sarcoptic mange” One of the main things is if they come into contact with other felines that have this issue, it could also be transferred to them. They can also get them from other types of pets such as dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs for instance. If your cat is an outdoor one, chances will be much higher of him or her catching it from the wild.

Even though it is not as common for the mites to jump from a dog to a cat, it has been known to happen. The scary thing is, they can transfer from cats to humans as well, but also this is a rare occurrence. If your cat is sick or not healthy and fed properly, they can be susceptible to them.

When looking at breeds that are most likely to duffer from these, the Burmese and the Siamese cats are on top of this list.

cat mange

How They Feel When They Have Mange

One of the main things they suffer from is itchiness. It will scratch its hair out of its body, it can get that bad. Because of this, they start to suffer from balding. On the week after they have been exposed is when the symptoms start to show. The most common of the lot are ear mites, which burrow themselves into the cat’s internal ear.

If left alone and not treated as soon as possible it can lead to an infection, which then can swell up and get worse. If it does transfer onto the human skin, there will often be red bumps like a mosquito bite on your skin. Unless you are a very hairy person, the human body is not the ideal conditions for mites.

All the Symptoms combined can include any or all the below:

  • Excessive grooming
  • Tiny bumps on the skin
  • Hair loss
  • Scaling of the skin
  • Greasy face
  • Sores and scabs
  • Restlessness
  • Skin discoloration
  • Foul odor

How to Remedy the Situation?

The bad news is it hard for anyone to stop it from happening to their pets, however, the good news is, it can be remedied. There are some quick and easy initial steps to do before you take it to the veterinary.

  1. Check your felines fur daily for any mites or other things
  2. Keep him or her away from other pets that may have mange
  3. Thoroughly clean your cat if left in a kennel for an extended period
  4. Keep the cat’s immediate environment clean, his house, sleeping materials, toys, bedding
  5. Keep things in the home sanitized
  6. Litter boxes must always be kept clean

All the above pointers fall under the cleanliness umbrella, but there are other things one can also do such as feeding him the right foods. A healthy immune system will help curb this issue and protect it from contracting this vile condition.

Providing him with a healthy and nutritious diet every day will boost its immune system and adding some vitamins and supplements to its diet won’t hurt either. A home remedy is to add one or 2 teaspoons of fish oil or apple cider vinegar to its food to promote healthy skin. Keeping them healthy will kick those bad boys to the curb!