How to Earn Money from CBD Affiliate Program?

What is CBD Affiliate Marketing?

CBD affiliate marketing is just like any other affiliate marketing where you promote reputed cannabidiol products on preferred online platform such as website or blog with the help of several marketing strategies like paid ads, links, etc. When a customer buys a product, you earn a specific amount of commission.

As rigid policies are formulated on the promotion of cannabis products, online sales and brand partnerships work in a better manner. To find out everything about cannabidiol, check:

Make Money Through CBD Affiliate Programs

The first step to get started with affiliate marketing is to create your diverse social media presence. This includes being active on several platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You will reach more people if you have a diversified online presence. Then comes your blog or website where you will be selling CBD products.

To reap benefits from affiliate marketing, you need to make your brand unique. Thus, you would need a domain name, website design and unique content focusing on cannabidiol brands. This will help you have an edge over your potential competitors.

You should create content with the aim of diverting more traffic to your sponsored products with the help of product links, pictures, etc. For every click against your registered product and a subsequent sale, you earn a specific amount of commission.

The two most important points when it comes to doing CBD affiliate marketing are as follows:

Connecting with the Audience

You need to have cannabis curiosity yourself to connect with more people. Additionally, doing research on keywords would also help you understand the latest trends followed by customers’ preferences.

Choosing Partnerships

Your business is as good as the product you offer. This concept applies equally to cannabidiol affiliate marketing. You need to make sure that the cannabidiol brands you associate yourself with have quality products, with regular lab reports confirming the potency and safety of the product.

Also, you can collaborate with more than one brand. Since every company offers a varied amount of commission, clubbing a few together will ensure a higher earning for you.

Which Program Should You Choose?

Which Program Should You Choose

There are several programs which offer commissions differently. While some companies offer a commission starting from 5%, a cookie of 60 days or longer and a good bonus, others pay a 15% monthly commission on your overall sales. And then, there are those which belt out a mind-boggling commission of 40% per sale. Most of them provide enough promotional material for you to get you started!


CBD affiliate marketing is one of the most sorted online income sources at present given the booming market. Here, you get to know about good CBD companies and how to earn money from cannabidiol affiliations.

You will be surprised to know that you can also get paid for trying out some of the CBD products in the market. You can read more here to know all about CBD.

How to Become A CBD Affiliate?

All you need is to sign-up for a good affiliate program, get your related links and start sharing them on your blogs, social media, and YouTube channels.

Each sale earns you a commission and if your first-time customer gets converted into a repeat customer, it’s a win-win for your business.

How Do I Get Paid?

1. Sign-up for a CBD affiliate program.

2. Embed your links on your social media channels, blogs, etc.

3. Clicks on these links create a sale opportunity. You earn a commission for every sale made through that link.

4. Orders placed on subsequent visits will still count as long as the first click was through your link.


Given, the new legal status, as well as the proven health benefits, the Cannabis/CBD industry, is currently one of the fastest-growing industries in the US.

And not just dispensaries and physical stores, the online CBD market is booming equally if not more. According to Forbes, the cannabidiol market is looking at an estimated 700% growth by 2020.

Financial figures from Hemp Business Journal projects, a market intelligence firm, suggest that the market will grow to $2.1 billion by 2020, which is quite a leap from the previously estimated market value of $202 million.

With a little effort in the beginning and gradually utilizing your opportunities, being a cannabidiol affiliate could be more lucrative than you can ever imagine.