How to Detect Hidden Cameras Within Minutes? Take This Step-by-Step Guide

If you are staying in hotel or an Airbnb, hidden cameras seem to be a worry. In the case of Airbnb, the is required in order to list the cameras they have, whether or not they are turned on. Furthermore, it is essential to know that Airbnb does not allow the hosts to place cameras in bathrooms, living rooms as well as a sleeping area with a foldout bed.

However, hidden cameras in an Airbnb is not a new thing. One of the significant reasons for hidden cameras is, they are more inexpensive and available easily. If you are staying in such a places, there is a great need to detect hidden cameras with some of the best hidden camera detectors. Here is the step by step guide that acts as a lifesaver.

Scan the environment carefully

One of the easiest ways to detect hidden camera is to check around the environment carefully. You have to search carefully to spot obviously hidden cameras.

Some of the most common places to find hidden cameras are:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Power outlets
  • Air filter
  • DVD Player / TV Box
  • Books
  • Desk plants
  • Soft Toy
  • Desktop Clock
  • Wall decorations
  • Tissue boxes
  • Lamps

However, some objects may reveal suspicious wires if you find something unusual power outlets or adapters and unplug them immediately.

Turn off all lights to spot night vision cameras

It is essential to keep in mind that most of the hidden security cameras have red or green LEDs. These LEDs blink in low-light conditions. In low-light condition, the LEDs around the camera lens also turn on to supplement the lighting for the cameras in order to produce clear night vision. In this way, you can spot carefully for red or green LEDs with the help of a mobile phone.

Step 1. Turn on your mobile phone camera

Step 2. Use the mobile phone camera to search around the room in order to find LEDs blink or shine lights

When you are travelling or stay in the hotel room, you can also take a portable security camera with you. Please put it in your hotel room to see who entered your room without your permission. Along with this, you can also keep a tab on your stuff.

Check the mirrors in your room

Keep in consideration that most of the hidden cameras in the mirrors are installed in the toilet or changing rooms. The guys would install a hidden spy camera on the other side of a mirror that is see-through. However, the front side of the mirror looks like a normal.

Here is a tip for you in order to figure out if there is any spy camera behind the mirror.

  1. Point the finger on the mirror
  2. detect the gap between finger and mirror

If you feel any gap between your finger and the image, it is a real mirror. However, if your finger and the image touch tip to tip, there is a hidden spy camera in the mirror.

Use a flashlight to find hidden cameras

  • Turn of the lights in the room
  • Turn on the flashlight on mobile phone
  • Pan the flashlight around your room
  • Spot slowly and examine any suspicious
  • If you notice any reflective light, there might be a hidden camera.

One of the most convenient ways for detection of hidden cameras is to buy the best hidden camera detectorsKeep in consideration that these devices are an option if you feel that these aboveoptions do not suffice.Along with this, get an app in order to find the devices on a network.

Several smartphone applications can help you to access hidden camera nearby. Some of these applications are free, whereas some offer paid versions. However, be aware that some other types of hardware emit radio frequencies that mobile application could potentially pick up.