Digital Picture Frames Buying Guide

Are you impressed or downright fascinated by the moving picture frames and paintings in the Harry Potter movies? Well, if not the moving pictures and frames, the world has come closer to it by developing and introducing digital photo frames. These frames are like your tablet – displaying your memories one at a time or in a slideshow.

Why keep only one picture printed out and put up in a frame when you can have the whole collection on display – probably controlled by your smartphone? The digital photo frames have outclassed the conventional ones. They are more versatile as they can also display a slideshow of your photos. All you have to do is plug in your USB, memory card, or connect it to your smartphone or cloud storage, and you are good to go.

The Biggest Advantage of Digital Photo Frames

Remember how the advent of digital cameras removed the limit on the number of pictures you could snap? Digital cameras became famous for this very reason – you could take as many pictures as you want, and there was no stopping. However, these cameras did fall short on one aspect. If you need a picture to frame and put it at home, you have to take a print out and frame it. Now this implies selecting one from a hundred pictures you took at a friends’ reunion or a co-workers’meet-up.

This is where the digital photo frames have an edge – there is no limit to the number of pictures you can frame and put on your nightstand or in the living room. Yes, that is hard to believe, but it is true!

They pick up images from a USB, a memory card, or even fetch them from your cloud storage. This means that the digital photo frame saves you from the hassle of copying pictures on your computer or mobile to show it to people. Upon connecting your device or USB or memory card with these frames, you can put up an impressive display of your memorable moments.

Things to Consider When Buying a Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames have an LCD monitor that displays your images. Since these frames are not cheap, compared to the old conventional frames, you got to look out for the best one that suits your needs – and your pocket! So, here are some points that you should consider as a checklist for buying a digital photo frame:

  • Screen Size

Digital photo frames are there for the people to see your pictures and your memories. The frames should be large enough for the pictures to be visible. Normally, the digital photo frames you are most likely to find are 3×5 to 10×12 inches. You can select the size depending on where you are going to put them. If you want to keep them for yourself at your study table or your nightstand, then a smaller one would be an ideal option.

However, if you want to see the look on your guests’ faces while they enjoy pictures of your children or nephews or nieces, then you better get a larger digital photo frame.

  • Resolution of the screen

What good is it if people have to squint, narrow their eyes, or poke their nose in your photo frame when enjoying your photos? So, always consider the screen resolution before finalizing the purchase. The recommended screen resolution is 800 x 480 pixels (minimum).

  • Format Compatibility

Mostly, all digital photo frames are compatible with JPEG and BMP file formats. However, it is a wise choice to go for the ones that are compatible with the other types of file formats as well. This will enable you to freely take photos in any format and run their slideshow on your digital photo frame.

  • Control Options

Digital photo frames also come with remote controllers that enable you to control the slideshow, select the pictures to display, and swipe right or left while displaying. While not all the models come with remote controllers, you can also get digital photo frames that have a touch-sensitive screen for swiping right and left between the photos.

  • Connectivity

This is one of the most important considerations for buying a digital photo frame. Newer models come with the power of connecting to your smartphone or cloud storage, eliminating the need for a USB, a wire, or a memory card. If you are a tech-savvy person and wish to remain updated on all your gadgets, then this is a must point to consider.

  • Auto-Rotation: An Added Feature

Digital photo frames – just like your phones or tablets – also come equipped with the technology of sensing the direction of viewing and rotating the image accordingly. Although it isn’t a must-have feature on your digital frame, having it won’t cost you any extra and will make it easy for you to view both your horizontally and vertically taken photos by rotating the frame.

  • Design

Now, not that you will have a lot of designs to choose from, as most of these frames come with more or less a similar design, you can still look for the one that pleases your eye. Also, some digital photo frames come with a wall hanging hook or standing support.

  • Built-in Storage

This is an added feature in the digital photo frame for picture lovers. Some of these frames have an in-built memory feature that allows you to save your pictures in the frame. This completely rids you of having to use a USB or a memory card.

Where to Buy
PhotoSpring 8 (16GB) 8-inch WiFi Cloud Digital Picture Frame - Battery, Touch-Screen, Plays Video and Photo Slideshows, HD IPS Display, iPhone & Android app (White - 15,000 Photos)
NIX Advance 10 Inch USB Digital Photo Frame - HD IPS Display, Auto-Rotate, Motion Sensor, Remote Control - Mix Photos and Videos in The Same Slideshow
FLYAMAPIRIT Digital Picture Frame 8 inch with Slideshow, Electronic Photo Album Display with Motion Sensor/High Resolution 180° IPS LCD/1080P Video Player/Stereo/MP3/Calendar/Alarm/Remote Control
Pix-Star 15 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame FotoConnect XD with Email, Online Providers, iPhone & Android app, DLNA and Motion Sensor (Black)
Digital Picture Frame 8 inch, Digital Photo Frame Video Player with Motion Sensor Smart Electronics Picture Frame High Resolution 1024x768 IPS LCD/1080P 720P /Stereo/MP3/Calendar/Time/Remote Control
BSIMB Digital Picture Frame 9 Inch WiFi Digital Photo Frame 16GB 1067x800(4:3) IPS Touch Screen Auto Rotate Motion Sensor Support iPhone & Android App/Twitter/Facebook/Email W09
Digital Photo Frame 1280x800 16:9 IPS Screen Include 32GB SD Card HD Digital Picture Frame Widescreen, Support 1080P Videos, Photos Auto Rotate, Support Thumb USB Drive, SD/MMC/MS Card(7 Inch Black)

Our Top Picks

PhotoSpring 8 (16GB) 8-inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Picture Frame

This digital photo frame by PhotoSpring offers connectivity with a simple application that can make displaying and sharing of photos unimaginably easier. It has a touch screen that lets you select and browse through the photos easily, just like your phone or tablet. It does not require a lengthy or difficult setup – all you have to do is insert a USB or a memory card to start displaying your favorite photos on it right away. It offers a high resolution (1280×800 pixels) which is commendable.

Another best thing about it is that it comes with internal 16GB storage, which means you don’t have to insert your memory card if your photos are on its own memory. It is available in six different colors, two screen sizes, and three storage options.

NIX Advance USB Digital Photo Frame

This digital photo frame is best suited for all the minimalists out there who would love to have a simple frame and don’t want to fumble a lot with added features. This model does not support Wi-Fi connectivity but is easier to use. Just plug in your USB or memory card and enjoy a crisp display of your photos.

It has an in-built clock and calendar feature along with a remote control that simplifies your work even more. It has an intuitive sensor that senses the presence and turns the digital frame on. According to the same principle, the frame turns off when there is no motion within its range, which ultimately saves battery.

It comes in six different screen sizes to choose from according to your requirements and budget.

FLYAMAPIRIT Digital Picture Frame

Adding background music to your pictures or videos can lift up the experience and transport you back to your memorable times. This digital picture frame by Flyamapirit lets you add music and plays it through its built-in speakers. It also has an auto-shutoff and turn-on feature that senses your presence within 3 meters and displays according to it.

It also comes with an additional feature of displaying clock, calendar, or videos. It displays photos with a wide 180° viewing angle that simply enhances your viewing experience. Additionally, its screen displays your pictures at 1080p full HD resolution. You can insert your memory card into it to display your favorite photos on it.

It is available in two different sizes to choose from.

Pix-Star 15 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame 

This one on our list is the most highly-rated one due to its large display size. It makes your photos appear closer to reality and gives you goosebumps whenever you are going down the memory lane. It is Wi-Fi enabled and is very easy to setup. It can easily connect with your smartphone and start displaying pictures.

This digital photo frame also lets you send and share photos with a click of a button. The Wi-Fi connectivity also allows you to access your social media accounts easily and fetch photos to display.

It has a 15-inch display screen with a resolution of 1024×728 pixels. It comes with built-in storage of 8GB, which means you can store about 30,000 photos in it. The pix-star digital photo frame is backed by a 2-year warranty.

Digital Picture Frame 8-inch by Quality Life

Equipped with a smart motion sensor, this digital picture frame by Quality Life can turn itself on when you approach it within 8.2 feet. When you are out of the 8.2 feet range, this digital photo frame turns off on its own, saving battery and moments to be enjoyed later.

The best part about this frame is that it has an easy-peasy setup procedure. No need to install any software or use any complicated devices, just turn it on and insert your USB or memory card to initiate the display. This frame is compatible with JPEG, BMP, and PNG picture formats.

It is available in two screen sizes to choose from.

BSIMB Digital Picture Frame 9 Inch

If you are an avid collector of photos and sharing them is your second favorite thing, get your hands on this BSIMB digital picture frame. The 9-inch IPS display of this frame is ideal. It has the added feature of connecting to the BSIMB photo application that allows you to upload and share photos without any hassle. Make an account on the app and connect it to your frame and voila – sharing and displaying photos had never been this easy!

Moreover, it has a touch screen, which means easy controlling. It offers an unbelievable resolution of 1067×800 pixels that makes your photos appear more realistic.

Digital Photo Frame by Camkory

This digital photo frame is the best for the price. It comes with the added feature of auto-rotate, plus it also enables you to view the thumbnail before actually displaying the picture on the screen. The 7-inch display of this digital photo frame is ideal for keeping it on your living room table or your dresser in the bedroom.

Additionally, the frame also features auto-shutdown and turn-on feature. Moreover, it is easy to use and set up as it has no complicated functions or controls. All you need to do is plug it in and enjoy a display of your favorite photos.

Final Words

Whether you are an aunt that dotes over your little nephews or nieces, or it is your parents who miss having their grandkids around, digital photo frames can be a perfect gift for anyone. You can invest in it for your own self and let the most memorable moments of your life be right in front of your eyes.

These digital photo frames work best for reviving reunions. They free you from the limited number of pictures you can frame and put up in your house. So, get them or gift them for cherishing the moments forever.