Cost of Using Inovit Agency to Create a Video

The internet is constantly changing and evolving. Thus, heralding new, fresher ideas on how you could impart your ideas. That’s why it’s also vital to ensure that you keep pace or even surpass how others relay their messages to their audiences.

Today, explainer videos are the top trend among many businesses. It’s typically a one to two-minute with a clear, informative message about your product, company, or idea.

What sets these explainer videos apart is that they’re incredibly engaging and fun, immediately grabbing viewers’ attention and allowing them to consume the content quicker than they would when you require them to read text on your website.

With that, it’s no wonder that explainer videos have become a valuable tool for businesses of all sorts and forms, and using them for sales and brand awareness and training and support.

Indeed, creating an explainer video can do wonders for your business. However, be mindful that with lots of professional explainer video creators you can find in the market, it can be a challenging task to select the right one.

To ensure that you get the best results and best return for your money, don’t look further and have your videos created by the Inovit agency. Wondering why and how much they cost? Continue reading as we’ll delve deeper into that below!

Watching video

Knowing More About Inovit

Inovit is a professional video agency that businesses partner with to create extraordinary animated explainer videos for educating customers, humanizing the brand, marketing products, conveying ideas, promoting values, and so much more, depending on your vision.

Their team comprises talented and innovative writers, designers, marketers, and creatives. They partner and help companies and brands from small to established ones produce high-quality, beautiful, interesting, and tailored-fit explainer videos that truly work.

With that, they’re simply one of the best in the market that can help you strengthen your brand on social media and the web, achieve higher conversion rates, and obtain better sales results – all leading to your company’s success.

Cost of Using Inovit Agency to Create a Video

As with any service you avail for your marketing strategies, creating an explainer entails a considerable cost. If you go out, you’ll most likely see explainer videos costing around $3,500 – $50,000.

That’s a wide range as the actual cost varies depending on several factors, such as video length, animation style, quality, and the complexity of the entire project. Of course, the agency or studio you’d be getting also affects the cost. If quality isn’t an issue for you, you can get low-quality 1-minute explainer videos from online video creators and freelancers at around $500 to $2500.

If you want a competitive and high-quality instead, you can always opt for Inovit. What’s great is that their rates are fixed and don’t fluctuate, regardless of the project’s demands. Thus, allowing you to stay within your allotted budget.

To determine the actual cost of the service, they’ll typically need to know how soon you need the explainer video completed (deadline), format, and the total run-time. Typically, their 1-minute animated video costs between  $2,000 and $4,000. You can always reach out to them for a better idea, and they’ll be happy to issue a specific quote without any commitment.

Project Management

Value of Service

Truth to be told, the cost shouldn’t be your main concern. Instead, you should always focus on the value of the service you’re getting. You may end up paying less by availing of a bargain basement. However, you might not get the output you’re expecting, or it might not yield the best results. Chances are you’d be spending anew to have a new one created, costing you more in the process.

Hiring a professional explainer video agency as Inovit promises you high-quality explainer videos that may present a heftier price initially but are assured to provide you with excellent results, repaying the cost in the long run.

Here are other perks you’ll get from Inovit, proving that you get the best value of service for your money:

Guided Process

Producing explainer videos consists of various stages, including researching, scriptwriting, storyboarding, design and animation, sound design, and voiceover creation. All these processes are equally important in achieving the best output. What Inovit does is to provide a walkthrough of every phase to ensure a practical and thorough take on the project, Thus, never sacrificing quality.

Quick Turnaround

You can be confident that you’ll get your explainer video within the agreed deadline. Inovit works without any unnecessary delays and sees that they produce the output with the specified delivery date. Plus, they will update you with the completion of every phase, so you won’t be guessing about the project’s status.

Open for Inputs

Inovit is open to hearing your feedback in every stage of the video creation. You’ll have a better sense of control as you’re free to share your thoughts and insights, which you think are valuable and can further improve the project.

Great Portfolio

Inovit has produced more than 500 videos for over 200 businesses, proving their wide experience and reliability in taking on any task. They rely on all these experiences to find which style and video suit your company and brand perfectly.

Moreover, all these projects allowed them to hone their craft and improve their methods. They can handle projects in a simple, quick, and efficient manner, steering you away from ineffective explainer videos.

Global Expertise

Inovit has worked with partners in more than ten countries across the globe. You can avail of their service no matter wherever you are and take advantage of their global expertise, characterized by a unique blend of skills, knowledge, method, and tools to get the job done.

Skilled Team

Inovit boasts an in-house team composed of talented professionals across all fields, from animators, copywriters, illustrators, and project managers to customer service representatives. All share the same vision, communicate directly, and work efficiently, functioning like a well-oiled machine to give the highest quality content.


Explainer videos are the main fad nowadays that can truly optimize your business. Never settle for less, and always aim for the top option when choosing a professional agency or creator. Through that, you can look forward to reaping all the incredible benefits this staple tool can bring to your company and brand.