Top 13 Tips for Long Exposure Photography

a long exposure photo of a long road at night

If you love aesthetic shots and are a big fan of long exposure photography, then this guide is for you. Long exposure photography is a technique of producing stunning effects and dramatic shots by changing the camera settings. Although mastering long exposure photography requires some skills and a lot of practice, it is an excellent … Read more

Top Seascape Photography Tips

person riding on a surfboard with waves behind

Seascape photography is a branch of landscape photography where, mostly, the main subject is the ocean or the sea. The ever-moving water is what makes your photography look amazing and interesting. For landscape photographers, the coastline offers a number of opportunities to capture mesmerizing seascape photos. However, this comes with a lot of challenges, as … Read more

Top 10 Dream Locations in the USA for Landscape Photographers

Grand Canyon from the west rim

The United States has been blessed with a wide variety of climates and geography that provide a great opportunity to landscape photographers to portray their talent. While you can also click amazing photos in metropolitan areas of different cities in the USA, some places in the country can offer scenes that are impossible to get … Read more

Best US National Parks for Photography

winter in Yellowstone

Do you feel an urge to grab your camera and tripod and never miss a second of the picturesque natural beauty that a sunset beholds? If you have a passion and a flair for nature and landscape photography and you find yourself confined to capturing only sunsets and shining moon, then it is time to … Read more

Importance of Light in Photography

photo studio

If you are a professional photographer, you would know how various types of lighting can impact pictures differently. But if you are not, this article will help you in understanding why light is so important in photography. Every photographer, even without having proper knowledge of lighting, still takes the help of good lighting to click … Read more

Best Ring Lights for Photography

a woman clicking a selfie in front of a ring light

Ring lights have been leading the photography game for quite some time and are a favorite among macro photographers. They are also popular for categories such as selfies, makeup, vlogging, and more. The best thing about ring lights is that they offer beautiful and even spread of lighting. Some of the ring lights are large … Read more

A Beginners Guide to Photography Lighting

The model lit on the left with a strobe. The light is warmed with an orange gel to match the sunset.

If you are after creating a portrait, landscape, or a macro scene, lighting is the most important factor. Also, it is one of the most challenging aspects of getting a high-quality photo. In some cases, the lighting can be too harsh and bright. On other occasions, it can be too dim or low. In such … Read more

Top Tips for Outdoor Photography

Outdoor photography is synonymous with fun – be it photographing majestic landscapes, seas, skies, wildlife, epic scenery, and inhabited or deserted places. Outdoor photography provides a photographer perfect environment to convey his photography skills and talent. Moreover, you can sell your photos online if they are interesting and appealing. With today’s high-quality cameras and top-notch … Read more

Top Tips and Ideas for Creative Street Photography

three persons holding surfboards

Once you start feeling confident and comfortable with your camera, creative street photography is the best thing you can delve into. If you are a creative head, you will love capturing unique moments around because you never know what you are going to get when photographing candid scenes on the streets. Although it isn’t easy, … Read more

Best Strobe Lights for Studio Photography

A studio setup

While natural lighting produces the best photos of all, you cannot always have the option of shooting during the daytime. It is the responsibility of the photographer to bring out the best in all his photos – whether they are portraits or commercial food photography. One of the best companions of a photographer, besides a … Read more