Tips for Better Travel Photography

A photographer looking at a camera picture

When we travel, most of us want to capture the most beautiful and unique moments from our trip. The pictures we take while travelling can help us relive those precious memories and also help to share the experience with others. Plus, the boost it gives our social media presence doesn’t hurt. However, … Read more

The Biggest Risks You Face as a Photographer

A photographer on a mountain

If you’ve decided to pursue photography as a career, you’re probably excited about getting to work according to your interests. On one hand, being a photographer opens you up to an exciting world. Many people in this profession travel quite a bit, capturing beautiful moments and putting their own spin on them. … Read more

Creative Ideas for Beach Photoshoot


Beaches are indeed a blessing. It is an escape from reality and an entry into one which is serene and beautiful; beaches are truly one’s refuge. Beaches can also be an excellent place for clicking pictures, be it with friends or with family—with the blue skies and clear water in the background, … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Pursuing Photography as a Career

photographer capturing his subject

Photographers are highly creative professionals that capture the world with their cameras.  From traveling the world to working with celebrities and capturing nature: many people view photography as a glamorous career. But photography, like all professions, comes with downsides as well. You must know the bright and dull side associated before turning … Read more

How to Jumpstart a Photography Career

A man putting a lens filter on a camera

Photography is often seen as an exciting hobby; however, very few people consider turning this hobby into a career. It is true that it is a little hard to run a full-time business in photography, as it is a passion that grew out of a hobby. Hobbyist photographers think about turning their … Read more

Mistakes That Can Set You Back in the Field of Photography

a photographer clicking a photo

Everyone makes mistakes when they start their careers. Learning from those mistakes is what makes them better with time. But, when you ignore these mistakes and keep on making them, this is what becomes the reason for your setback and inhibits your growth. The same rule applies to a photography career as … Read more

Examples of Successful Photographers

A picture of The Tetons and the Snake River Ansel Adams clicked in 1942

Photography is the art of capturing beautiful moments using a camera. It allows us to capture our experiences and helps us remember the good moments of our lives. Just like any other art, you cannot practice photography in a closed space. To improve your skills, you have to go out and learn … Read more

Pros and Cons of Pursuing Photography as a Career

A person clicking a photo of a butterfly

Choosing arts as your profession is a dream come true. This is particularly accurate for the Middle East, where the kids are forced to become engineers or doctors to have stable career opportunities. However, this thought process is now gradually evolving, thankfully. Photographers are highly skillful personnel capable of explaining a whole … Read more

How to Make Your Mark as a Photographer

a camera and three photographers lying on a map

The introduction of digital photography has resulted in an increase in photography as a creative art form and introduced it as a career choice. Even though it might sound easy, but in reality, it requires a lot of practice.  To create a name for yourself as a professional photographer, you should be … Read more

The Most Lucrative Photography Careers

a photographer taking a picture of food

There is nothing more satisfying than making a living by doing something you love and passionate about. If you are into photography and want to adopt it as a career, you get many choices. There are various photography career options available for you. However, this is the age where everyone has smartphones, … Read more