Tips for Better Flash Photography

Tips for Better Flash Photography

Photography is mainly concerned with light and using a flash is an inevitable part of being a photographer. But there are some right and wrong ways of using a flash, and to gain more confidence in using the built-in flash or external flash, you must first understand how to use it well and have knowledge … Read more

Essential Gear Guide for Street Photographers

Essential Gear Guide for Street Photographers

When shooting in streets, you need to open your eyes and mind for details and know your gear inside out. Moments come and go in fractions of a second, so if you are having trouble setting your gear it’s over. If you are digging in your bag to find something, it’s over. You will either … Read more

How to Sell Photos Online and Make Money

How to Sell Photos Online and Make Money

If you love photography and have a huge collection of quality photos that you think people would pay for, there are a lot of renowned websites that can help you turn those clicks into hard cash. For professional photographers, it can become a great way of passive income and for newbies with a bit of … Read more

8 Best Portable LED Lights for Photography


Light is a critical element when it comes to creating professional looking video content regardless of the fact whether you are making a documentary, feature film or a YouTube video. There are numerous kinds of Portable LEDs available in the market from which you can choose the appropriate one according to your requirements or work … Read more

Best DSLR Gimbals, Steadicams, and Stabilizers

Zhuyin Crane 2

There are numerous techniques you can adopt as a photographer or a videographer in order to achieve stabilization in your shots. , most professional videographers are utilizing external gear to achieve a higher level of quality and add a little spice to their footage. One of the best types of equipment you can invest in … Read more

Top 8 things to Carry on Your Next Photography Adventure

Cleaning Kit

There is a wide open world out there that awaits many skilled photographers to come and capture its beauty. While it may seem the best option to downsize your photography gear, you would be surprised to know that many travel photographers still carry cumbersome photography gear. Many might avoid taking accessories and additional stuff when … Read more

Tips for Hiring a Photographer for Your Wedding

Photographer for Your Wedding

Recruiting a wedding photographer is a big task. When the speeches are over, the vows are made, and the dress is tucked away, the images will be important memories you’ll have of your special day. That can give you a little anxiety when it comes to hiring a photographer, however knowing what to look for … Read more

10 Tips for Hiring a Photographer

Hiring a Photographer

Whether it is a wedding, birthday party or any event that’s worth capturing, they all require a professional photographer that can save those happening moments with the click of the camera shutter. The most obvious way to scale up your event’s photography is hiring a strong photographer and it is much like finding the perfect … Read more