7 Types of Special Event Photography

7 Types of Special Event Photography

Event photography is an umbrella term for photographing various types of occasions, such as weddings, dinner parties, conferences, festivals, award presentations, product launches, outdoor tours, trade shows, etc. Unlike studio photography, where the lighting and the subject can be adjusted to create the perfect shot, the role of event photographers is to document occasions while … Read more

What is Capsule Backpacking?

What is Capsule Backpacking

One of the most interesting questions I get asked about is what is capsule backpacking. It seems like such a simple question with a simple answer. Basically, it is a way to pack your backpack without using any special containers. You can still have the same comfort and safety as you would if you packed … Read more

Natural Option to Pain Management

Natural Option to Pain Management

Pain, and especially chronic pain, can be incredibly crippling. It affects our everyday lives, our ability to work and to socialize, and sometimes you try medication after medication, yet nothing seems to help. Being in pain and not finding relief is almost worse than the pain itself. The good news is that there are options, … Read more

How to Get Ideas for Your Photography Business?

How to Get Ideas for Your Photography Business

Are you an aspiring photographer who is eager to start your own business? If so, you will need to build a solid portfolio and show it to potential clients. Otherwise, it will be difficult to stand out from the competition. Some photographers have no issues coming up with their next project and find it easy … Read more

3D Video Slots in Online Casinos

3D Video Slots in Online Casinos

Reputable casinos always strive to provide a realistic and immersive gambling experience. The platform on which the casino is based plays an important role here. Most casino platforms are characterized by high-quality games in terms of graphics and animation, resulting in superb surround sounds and visuals. When creating such platforms, advanced technologies are used. Their … Read more

Types of Photography Careers to Consider

a woman clicking a photo with a DSLR

The hardest decision to make for someone who wants to pursue a career in photography is, “Which type of photography to consider?”  There are so many subjects to think about when it comes to capturing and creating an image. Photography is a field with so much versatility and diversity that you will always something new … Read more

How to Establish a Social Media Presence as a Photographer

A photographer clicking a photo of a skateboarder

In today’s world, social media has become the most used platform for marketing. People are reaching out to their customers and clients through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Social media marketing’s potential is massive, but it requires strategy and planning to stand out.  Just like any other business, photographers are also using their social media presence … Read more

Networking Tips for Photographers

a group of people

If you’re a beginner in photography, you have to realize that there will be times where you won’t get any work contracts. It might take months or longer before you can get a good opportunity; this is where networking comes in handy. It helps you score business deals from all the available sources and contacts. … Read more

How to Gain Success in a Photography Career?

a man near seashore taking a photo with his DSLR camera 

In today’s world, where almost every person has a phone with a camera, everybody is a photographer. We take dozens of pictures of ourselves, our friends, beautiful sceneries, and even random objects every day. This doesn’t make us professional photographers because being a professional means more precision, knowledge, skills, and a full-time job.  More people … Read more