5 photography secrets to make your selfies look pro

Do you love posting selfies, but do you think you still have some room for improvement? Then you really want to keep on reading! In this article, we will share 5 photography secrets that you want to know to make your selfies look pro. With these tips, you will be able to step up your selfie game.

1. Lighting, lighting, lighting

Every photographer and influencer knows that lighting is the number 1 secret to taking good photos. Without proper lighting, your picture will generally look horrible. It doesn’t matter how good the subject of the picture is or how great you look on camera. Natural lighting is best for any picture. Make good use of natural lighting when it is available and shoot as many pictures as you can during the day. If you want your pictures to have a magical quality, you should learn everything there is to know about the golden hour. The golden hour is a specific time of day when the light hits just right and gives every picture a beautiful glow that no artificial light can match. It’s usually an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset and you do need to find the right location to make the best use of it. But when you do, you can create the most magnificent selfie ever!

2. Ring light for the win

Although natural lighting is best, it isn’t always realistic to expect to only take pictures with natural light. Sometimes you just really want to snap some selfies indoors or take a picture at night with your friends at a party. For these occasions, a ring light is a real lifesaver. A selfie ring light is a ring made up of LEDs. You can place it on your phone, around the camera, to add just the right amount of light to any picture. Because of the placement, it won’t create any lines or shades and it will give you great results every time. And the selfie ring light is very easy to use. You just click it onto your phone, adjust the settings to your liking, and you’re good to go.

3. Angles are everything

Do you know what your best angles are? If you take selfies often, you really should learn everything there is to know about the best angles for your face and your body. Not every angle is flattering and what works for someone else, might not work for you. Take the time to practice with poses and angles to find out how you look best on camera. A few tips to get you started. Tip one: almost nobody looks good when the camera is facing upwards and you give the audience a clear shot of your double chin and nostrils. And tip two: if you lift the phone above your face and keep it at a slight angle, you will get the best results.

4. Backgrounds matter

When taking a selfie, you want to consider the background you are posing in front of. A filthy road, an unclean bathroom, or a boring backdrop can negatively influence your picture. So, choose your background carefully. See if there is a colorful wall nearby that you can use as a backdrop or choose a pretty corner of your apartment to take pictures. If you take selfies regularly, you can even consider installing a sheet with some accessories as a more permanent backdrop to fall back on.

5. Be confident

You will get the best pictures by simply being yourself and by being confident. This confidence will show in your selfies. But slouching, hesitation and insecurity will show in selfies, too. If you are not confident in front of the camera yet, then practice a lot. Find your angles, find the light and try coming up with different poses. Take a hundred or even more pictures to find your style and to get comfortable. And don’t forget: smile like you mean it and be your authentic self.